Artists of Letterform
2014 Wall Calendar

12¾ x 13”
printed in five colors with stochastic screening
on 80 lb. Sappi Flo Matte  cover stock
and wire bound


Sold out.

12 Rare Masterworks

from the Letterform Archive, exquisitely reproduced in high fidelity and full color.

232 Birthdays

of notable personalities in the letter arts, the most extensive list of its kind yet published.

See the addictive guessing game whose Gameboard became the back cover.

12 Fresh Faces

carefully chosen to complement each month’s masterwork of design. 

Read collaborator Stephen Coles' narrative of the selection process. 

The back cover = the final game board.

Inside back cover with all of the artists whose birthdays are featured

A sample page of the calendar, click to enlarge

A sample page of the calendar, click to enlarge

January . A M Cassandre . Mislab by Xavier Dupré

February . Edward Johnston . London by Henrik Kubel

March . Francisco Palomares . Rumba by Laura Meseguer

April . Rudo Spemann . Quixo by Frank Grießhammer

May . Piet Zwart . Versa by Peter Verheul

June . William Addison Dwiggins . Metro Nova by Toshi Omagari

July . Will Bradley . Shift by Jeremy Mickel

August . Paul Renner . FF Mark by Hannes von Döhren & Christoph Koeberlin

September . Ben Shahn . Turnip by David Jonathan Ross

October . Rudy VanderLans . Program by Zuzana Licko

November . Ladislav Sutnar . Ladislav by Tomáš Brousil

December . Filippo Marinetti . Enquire by Antonio Cavedoni