Certificate Core: Foundations of Original Type Design

Certificate Core: Foundations of Original Type Design
James Edmondson, Christopher Slye

Workshop at Letterform Archive
Type West Certificate Program
Mon, Feb 4, – Mon, Apr 8, 2019

In this ten week section, students will conduct research, take photographs, sketch ideas, and eventually begin to design an original typeface. The importance of sketching by hand will be stressed through continued TypeCookers, and initial work interpreting their chosen design. Best practices for digital drawing will be reinforced as students continue developing their facility over industry standard font production software. The concepts of contrast, proportion, weight, and spacing will be repeatedly pounded into students’ brains, leading to an understanding of how to filter conventional forms through a framework of their own design.

Note: This workshop is only open to students enrolled in the Type West Certificate Program in Type Design.

About James Edmondson
James Edmondson

After graduating from California College of the Arts, James received a masters from the TypeMedia program at The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Netherlands. James lives in San Francisco, and runs OH no Type Company, an independent foundry focused on display faces and expressive lettering.

About Christopher Slye

Christopher Slye first worked as an independent type designer and developer producing the text family Elmhurst for Font Bureau and consulting for companies such as Monotype and MvB Design. He joined Adobe’s typographic staff in 1997, where he first helped to expand the design and functionality of Adobe Originals typefaces. Later, he guided Adobe’s type-related technology and initiatives, contributed to the development of open web font standards, and managed all aspects of Adobe’s type licensing programs. Today, he is Business Manager for Adobe Type and Typekit.