Intro to Lettering

Intro to Lettering
Lynne Yun

Workshop at Letterform Archive
Type West Public Workshop
Sat–Sun, Jun 13–14, 2020
10:00am–5:00pm PDT

Interested in learning the art and craft of lettering? This class will establish the foundations of making solid letterforms through learning the history, anatomy, and logic of letterforms. Students will start learning by examining the rich history of Latin calligraphic hands, and their influence on modern letterforms. Through demonstrations, the class will also discuss ways to analyze found typographical references for incorporating into our own lettering pieces, such as street signage or handwriting. Finally, students will create compositions of their own, starting by generating ideas, going through prototyping exercises, and iterating through the design process.

Majority of the course will be devoted to techniques for lettering by hand, but there will be a brief section that addresses plotting vector bézier curves for students seeking to render their lettering pieces in digital form.

Required Materials
  • Pencil and sharpener (or mechanical pencil)
  • Eraser)
  • Ruler)
  • Masking or artists’ tape)
  • Pad of 9” x 12” Tracing paper )
  • Pad of 9” x 12” Layout bond (e.g. Canson Marker Layout)
  • Chisel-tip calligraphy markers (4mm to larger))
  • A range of black markers (e.g. thin Micron & thick Sharpie)
About Lynne Yun

Lynne Yun is a NYC-based type designer and educator who specializes in typography, hand lettering, and calligraphy. She is a board member of AIGA NY and was previously a full time type designer at Monotype. During her tenure, she created custom typefaces for clients and a number of retail typefaces, including the Trade Gothic Display and Inline families. Prior to working at Monotype, Lynne held positions as a graphic designer at companies such as Apple Inc. and served on the board of Society of Scribes, a non-profit organization dedicated to calligraphy in NYC. She holds a BFA from the School of Visual Arts and a postgraduate certificate in typeface design from the Type@Cooper Extended Program. In pursuit of technology in relation to letterforms, she attended the School for Poetic Computation residency program and is now working on a masters degree at ITP in New York University. Her work has been recognized by organizations such as AIGA, Type Directors Club and Art Directors Club, notably the Ascenders award which honors designers under the age of 35 who show remarkable achievement in typography, type design, and lettering.