Salon Series 17: DADA and Surrealism

Salon Series 17: DADA and Surrealism
Hank Smith

Salon at Letterform Archive

Thu, Jun 27, 2019

Join us for our Salon Series, where Letterform Archive staff invite you to experience materials related to a specific topic of interest to the Collection.

Dada was the most iconoclastic, mercurial, and insolent of the European avant-gardes — until its “funeral” in 1922. Surrealism, which rose from dada’s ashes, attempted to marshall its revolutionary energy into a systematic artistic and spiritual program. Collections Assistant Hank Smith will lay out the ambitions and contradictions of both these movements by focusing on their eclectic printed materials, including the magazines Dada, Merz, Mécano, Minotaure, La Brèche, and Bief.

Doors at 6:00pm. Presentation begins promptly at 6:30pm.

About Hank Smith

Hank Smith, Letterform Archive’s Collections Assistant, found his passion for book arts while studying at Reed College (BA in English) and working with fellow writers, collectors, and literary archivists, including David Abel of Passages Bookshop. As a writer of poetry and a bookmaker himself, Hank’s love of language is simultaneously bound in meaning and aesthetics. That’s evident not only in his care for the material at the Archive, but also his own poetry. When not spending time with the written word he’s projecting it from the stage at a reading.