Salon Series 18: Fashion

Salon Series 18: Fashion
Florence Fu, Priscilla (Skilla) Zaccalini

Salon at Letterform Archive

Thu, Jul 25, 2019

Join us for our Salon Series, where Letterform Archive staff invite you to experience materials related to a specific topic of interest to the Collection.

Fashion and graphic design are inextricably linked. Fashion labels and magazines use photography, layout, and typography to create stories and advertising to inspire consumer desire and loyalty. Fashion is about identity; starting with a brand’s logo to the way clothes look and feel, we learn to identify with brands based on how we want to be perceived. Florence Fu and Priscilla Zaccalini will explore the Archive’s fashion-related holdings, including clothing catalogs, artists’ books, identity manuals, and periodicals. We’ll look at Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Esquire, FLAIR, as well as books for brands such as Shiseido, Fiorucci, ESPRIT, Levi’s, Chanel, Viktor&Rolf, and more. In addition to high-fashion and everyday brands, we will also explore how organizations like Apple and Emigre produce merchandise to promote their brand.

Doors at 6:00pm. Presentation begins promptly at 6:30pm.

About Florence Fu

Florence Fu, Letterform Archive’s Editorial Assistant, brings unique historical knowledge and analytical insight to the way we talk about our collection. She first gained an appreciation for typography as a designer for campus publications at Northwestern University where she pored through texts by Bringhurst, Noordzij, and Smeijers. Degrees in Art History and Journalism helped her think critically about images and convey that insight in long-form academic essays and briefer news stories. This experience, combined with her time as a student docent at the Block Museum of Art, cemented the importance of community education in the arts, and she looks forward to continuing that engagement at the Archive.

About Priscilla (Skilla) Zaccalini

Priscilla (Skilla) Zaccalini, Letterform Archive’s Executive Assistant, has a long history of bringing people together and getting things done. Ever since she was a kid watching her father paint and write, she’s relished the opportunity to generate art and poetry in unexpected places. For 25 years, those places included law firms, where she enriched community, education, and diversity through creative and literary projects. Now she’s helping the Archive run smoother and happier. A previous boss once teased her, “You’re always coming up with ideas.” That’s exactly what we love about her.