Typographic Testing Grounds: Job Printing, Small-scale Web Projects, and Innovative Typeface Design

Typographic Testing Grounds: Job Printing, Small-scale Web Projects, and Innovative Typeface Design
with Nick Sherman

Co-presented by Type@Cooper West
Lecture at SFPL Main Library, Koret Auditorium
Tue, Jul 10, 2018
6:00pm–7:30pm PT

Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, ephemeral printing and publication design fueled a profusion of new typographic styles and technologies. Similarly, the early days of the web fostered a weird and wild diversity of design techniques.

More recently, as communication is increasingly channeled through centralized services and template-driven systems, many areas of the visual landscape have flattened. However, with an abundance of new type platforms and technologies from just the past few years, the potential for typographic innovation and experimentation is greater now than ever.

In this talk, Nick Sherman will discuss the long, complementary relationship between small-scale design projects, technological advances, and inventive typography. Focusing on recent developments in responsive design and variable fonts, he’ll make a case for designers to explore new opportunities on the web while embracing ephemeral publishing ideas from the past.

This event is part of the Letterform Lecture series, co-presented by Type@Cooper West and the San Francisco Public Library, and sponsored by Adobe Typekit.

About Nick Sherman
Nick Sherman portrait

Nick Sherman is a typographer, web designer, typeface designer, and typographic consultant. He is a founder and designer of Fonts In Use and Variable Fonts.

A graduate of the Type@Cooper Extended Program in typeface design at The Cooper Union, Nick also works on design and organization for their Typographics design festival. A List Apart has published his writing on responsive design and web typography, and he occasionally talks and teaches classes on those topics. He is a member of the Adobe Typography Customer Advisory Board, as well as the artistic board for the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum, and has served on the board of directors for the Type Directors Club.

Previously, Nick has worked at Font Bureau, Webtype, and MyFonts, directing web design and promo­tional material for type­faces in print and digital media. He graduated with honors from the Graphic Design pro­gram at MassArt in Boston, where he has also taught under­graduate typography, typeface design, and letterpress printing.

Some of his other projects include Size Calculator, Font‑To‑Width, Woodtyper, Pizza Rules!, Specimenism, and a personal photo journal featuring manhole covers, manicules, and more. Nick also parti­cipates in the Kaiju Big Battel live monster wrestling group. Originally from Cape Cod and Boston, he is also a skate­boarder, pizza enthusiast, printer, musician, and classic horror film buff.

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