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This Just In: The Ross F. George Archive

Ross F. George was the inventor of the Speedball pen and original author of the Speedball Text Book. We thank his family for donating a major archive of his work.

Ink on signboard drawing advertisement for Speedball drawing and lettering pens.
Left: Prototype pens by Ross F. George. Right: Ink on signboard drawing for Speedball pen advertisement.

Seattle sign painter and showcard writer Ross F. George (1889–1959) was the inventor of the Speedball pen and author of the first 17 editions of the Speedball textbook (now in its centennial edition).

With this post we gratefully acknowledge George’s family’s donation of an archive of his work, containing drawings for original alphabets published in the Speedball textbooks, his pens (including some early prototypes), showcards and other examples of his lettering and drawing, account books, papers, and photos.

George’s Speedball textbooks and pens have aided countless calligraphers and lettering artists over the last 100 years. We’re thrilled that Letterform Archive will now get to share his history, art, and process with many more.

Ross F. George in the Online Archive