Apr 8, 2021

We’re Hiring Freelancers!

The Archive is seeking web designers/developers for two projects.

CMS & Ecommerce Update

We love our site, designed and built by Nick Sherman in 2017 based on our identity design by Tânia Raposo. It still beautifully presents the Archive and the stories behind our collections, but it launched at a time when we had far fewer events, just one book in our publishing imprint, and no membership program. It’s time to rebuild the site to represent the Archive’s growing range of programs and products, while maintaining our familiar look and feel.

If you are a web developer or firm with ecommerce experience and web design proficiency we’d love to talk to you about updating or replacing our current systems with something that is more integrated and easier to maintain.

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Online Exhibition

In fall 2021 the Archive will reopen to the public at our new location that includes, for the first time, an exhibition gallery. While we anticipate plenty of local interest in our opening show, we have a broad global audience who will want to experience some aspects of the exhibition remotely. We need an interactive web companion that takes advantage of an online experience, while still conveying a show that exists in physical space. We also hope the website serves as a promotional device for those who might visit in person, as well as provide a template of sorts for future exhibitions.

If you are a web designer or firm with experience creating online exhibitions, we’d love to hear from you.

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