A Crash Course in Type Selection

A Crash Course in Type Selection
with Stephen Coles, Christopher Slye

Type West Public Workshop
Workshop at Letterform Archive
Sat–Sun, Jan 11–12, 2020
10:00am–5:00pm PT

Spend a weekend learning how to pick the right typeface, while navigating the latest font formats, suppliers, and licensing options with confidence.

Type selection and pairing has never been a straightforward task. The rapid increase of new typefaces, formats, and licensing options hasn’t made it any easier. This explosion of choice can be either intimidating or empowering; it all depends on your knowledge and skill set. In this weekend workshop we’ll learn techniques that can make finding the right font one of the best parts of any job. Build a broader and smarter selection criteria, understand the connections between form and function, catch up on the latest suppliers and purchasing models, learn how to break free of overused fonts, and generally see typefaces with new eyes.

About Stephen Coles
Stephen Coles portrait

Stephen “Stewf” Coles, Letterform Archive’s Associate Curator & Editorial Director, joined the staff after serving on our Board of Directors since its inception. Born in Salt Lake City, he moved to San Francisco in 2004 to serve as FontShop’s creative director. He later worked as an independent consultant, connecting font makers with font users, and wrote the book The Anatomy of Type. With his background in design and journalism, combined with an obsession for type history, Stephen is responsible for the online face and voice of the Archive, and helps to shape the future of the collection. He continues to publish the influential websites Typographica and Fonts In Use.

About Christopher Slye

Christopher Slye first worked as an independent type designer and developer producing the text family Elmhurst for Font Bureau and consulting for companies such as Monotype and MvB Design. He joined Adobe’s typographic staff in 1997, where he first helped to expand the design and functionality of Adobe Originals typefaces. Later, he guided Adobe’s type-related technology and initiatives, contributed to the development of open web font standards, and managed all aspects of Adobe’s type licensing programs. Today, he is Business Manager for Adobe Type.

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