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Letterform Archive Books

Drawing from our collection, we publish beautiful and useful books for lovers of graphic design and typography.

Mission Statement and Reproduction Standards

Letterform Archive publishes exquisite books on graphic design, typography, and lettering, drawing from its unprecedented collection to tell rich stories with exceptional reproduction and unique design.

As part of our mission to preserve and share the collection, special reproduction standards guide how we represent objects in print. Captured in-house using state-of-the-art camera equipment, a custom light table, and raking light to preserve textures, images are proofed side-by-side with originals to ensure a perfect match. High-resolution stochastic printing yields fluid lines and vivid surface details without producing conspicuous dot patterns. The results are archive-quality reproductions that faithfully re-create the experience of the originals.

Submission Guidelines

As a small organization, we take on a limited number of titles each year, but we are always open to ideas for exceptional books about graphic design, type, lettering, or other topics inspired by the collection. To view submission guidelines and send a proposal, please visit the form below.

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Recent Acquisitions


We are distributed by Distributed Art Publishers (D.A.P.). Retailers can find information about setting up an account and placing orders here. For international sales, please consult D.A.P.’s complete list of international sales representatives by territory.

Press Inquiries

Please contact [email protected] for press materials and other information about our books.

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