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Morla : Design

Archive Publication No. 2

Morla : Design

Morla : Design. Hardcover 10 by 10 by 2¼ inches CMYK + 3 fluorescent + 1 metallic inks throughout Stochastic printing throughout 432 total pages (400 matt art + 32 vellum) 2 fluorescent bookmark ribbons Fluorescent page edging.

From powerhouse designer Jennifer Morla, this tome of award-winning graphics is a gorgeous and inspiring design resource — and a marvel of print production.

Morla : Design is a dynamic and essential monograph spanning the 40-year career of one of our most celebrated contemporary designers. With a preface by Paula Scher and a foreword by Erik Spiekermann, this retrospective book shares 150+ projects in print, branding, packaging, web, and retail store design, as well as offers a glimpse into the creative process of this vital artist. Printed with fluorescent and metallic inks throughout and covered with an innovative vacuum-formed cover, Morla : Design is an art object in its own right.

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Archive Publication No. 1

W. A. Dwiggins: A Life in Design

W. A. Dwiggins: A Life in Design. 9×11 inches, 496 pages, over 1200 illustrations, hardcover, sewn construction. Deluxe edition: Special binding, leather spine, signed and numbered letterpress portfolio of Dwiggins’s writings, slipcase.

Written and designed by Bruce Kennett, with a foreword by Steven Heller, this is the first biography of one of the most innovative designers of the 20th century.

Often credited with inventing the term “graphic design,” W. A. Dwiggins was a quintessential maker—fabricating his own tools, inventing techniques, and experimenting with design in areas as wide-ranging as modular ornament, stamps, currency, books, kites, marionettes, and theatrical sets and lighting. More than any of his contemporaries, he united the full range of applied arts into a single profession—designer. Despite this, a thorough study of Dwiggins had never been published, until this thoroughly researched, engagingly written, and handsomely designed biography. Learn more.

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