A Script That Pleases The Eye

A Script That Pleases The Eye
with Iyad Naja

Co-presented by San Francisco Public Library
Online Lecture
Tue, Jun 22, 2021
12:00pm–1:30pm PDT

Explore the three-dimensional possibilities of Arabic calligraphy! This session aims to show attendees how to visualize and utilize Arabic calligraphy in modern designs. It also aims to help identify calligraphy as an independent art form, from past to present, leading to Iyad Naja’s challenges and evolution as a designer.

About Iyad Naja
Iyad Naja portrait

Iyad Naja embodies the marriage of avant-garde with heritage. He is currently pursuing his postgraduate degree in Islamic Art and Architecture. He began his career in advertising before delving into product design. In 2013, Iyad established a design firm, IN, which he dedicates to shedding light on the Arabic script and designs inspired by elaborate Middle Eastern culture. Working with various concepts and materials, he aims to to translate the script from ink on paper into three-dimensional, functional works of art that can play a part in our modern living experience.

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