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Online Workshop

Certificate Core: Entering the Conversation: Writing about Type

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  • Led By Florence Fu
  • Where Letterform Archive

Congrats! You designed your typeface family and are ready to show it to the world. A typeface’s design can speak for itself, but how will you as the designer speak for it? This workshop will guide students to bring their project to life with words.

On the first day, we will read and discuss sections from modern and contemporary typeface descriptions and essays that are historical, humorous, personal, interrogative, and poetic. In the second half of the day, students will participate in short exercises, learn structures and templates, and have time to reflect on their type families. Students will gain the tools to articulate their processes, design decisions, and ultimately workshop a small draft to longer formats for process books, specimen books, and more.

Before reconvening for the second day, students will be asked to submit drafts so the workshop instructor can have ample time to read, comment, and edit student work. On the second day, students will break out into smaller discussion groups to go over their writing and ask questions. Students may feel free to stay for the entire day and listen to other sessions.

Note: This workshop is only open to students enrolled in the Type West Online Postgraduate Certificate Program in Type Design.

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