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Online Workshop

Certificate Core: Taming the Python

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  • Lead By Nina Stössinger
  • Where Letterform Archive

Scripting can be a useful addition to a type designer's toolbox — even a general knowledge of scripting can yield valuable new perspectives regarding fonts and design. This beginner-friendly workshop will introduce the basics of Python 3, the programming language which has become a central tool for type designers. Python is known for being accessible to newcomers and can allow for powerful customization of workflows using one's own scripts.

Taught from the perspective of a designer who codes, this workshop will introduce programming basics in a visual, hands-on way. No prior knowledge required! Instructor Nina Stössinger will explore ways of working with data to create illustrations, animations, and visualizations; and will explore how these techniques can connect to a type-design workflow. This course will be working in DrawBot — a standalone scripting environment — and may also address type-design applications in RoboFont.

Note: This workshop is only open to students enrolled in the Type West Online Postgraduate Certificate Program in Type Design.