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Online Workshop

Cyrillicsly: Serious about Cyrillic

  • Date
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  • Led By Maria Doreuli, Krista Radoeva
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Award-winning type designers, Krista Radoeva and Maria Doreuli will demonstrate how to create a Cyrillic extension to your own Latin font.

Learn the history and design fundamentals for designing Cyrillic typefaces in this four-day workshop. Through a combination of lectures, exercises, independent work, and feedback sessions, you will gain an understanding of the structure and the logic behind the Cyrillic script.

The instructors will provide an in-depth look into history, writing, calligraphy, and the contemporary state of the Cyrillic script in order to develop an understanding of the basic structure of letterforms. They will then offer a well-structured system on how to approach designing Cyrillic letterforms.

Besides the basic Cyrillic, participants will become aware of country-specific alternatives. The mentors will share research on extended Cyrillic — not only Bulgarian and Serbian localised forms, but a huge amount of mysterious letters that are being used in hidden parts of Russia and in many of the post-Soviet countries.

  • Understanding of history and context of the Cyrillic script
  • Learn about the differences and similarities between Latin and Cyrillic
  • Design Basic Cyrillic for your Latin typeface in a systematic way
  • We’ll also cover different character sets & languages, localised forms, Extended Cyrillic

Required Materials
  • A Latin typeface they will be expanding to Cyrillic
  • A computer with any font editor

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