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Online Lecture

How to Kill a Writing System

  • Date
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  • Led By Zachary Scheuren, Mangu Purty, Sunita Dangol, Vinodh Rajan
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COVID-19 Update: This lecture will now be held online and the time has changed to 12:00pm PDT.

Writing systems live and breathe with the people who use them, but sometimes they can become difficult or impossible to use. In many cases a writing system has been deliberately pushed out of use or even out of existence. What does it take to kill a writing system? What does it take to bring one back to life? In the current digital world if a writing system is implemented in computing systems it can be immediately seen and used by billions of people around the world. However, if there is no support users must resort to other means. But why should they compromise?

Scheuren will be joined by local and native experts in a variety of endangered scripts, including Mangu Purty (Warang), Ripon Chakma (Chakma), Sunita Dangol (Newa), Vinodh Rajan (Grantha).


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