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Online Workshop

In-Person Core: Type Families

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  • Led By Graham Bradley, Maria Doreuli
  • Where Letterform Archive

This workshop over ten Mondays between October 3 and December 12 is the core design component of the third term of Type West. Instruction during this term is focused on the type production process—students take the original design they developed in the second term and expand it into a functioning type family.

Learning how to build upon an idea and turn it into a refined and usable set of fonts is the objective of the third term. Through the process of drawing full character sets, proofing and testing their designs, and incorporating feedback from instructors and their peers, students will develop an understanding of how to work on a new type concept, defining and adjusting the systems that make up the design. Over the course of the term, this workshop will cover key elements of type families, such as combining styles cohesively, language support, and the design of punctuation, symbols, and other marks.

Sketching exercises, teaching demonstrations, presentations, and critiques will guide students in their projects. Guest designers will offer insights into their own creative processes, and provide additional feedback to students.

Note: This workshop is only open to students enrolled in the 2022 Type West Online Postgraduate Certificate Program in Type Design.

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