Lettering Fundamentals

Lettering Fundamentals
with Ying Chang

Type West Public Workshop
Online Workshop
Tue, Sep 8, – Thu, Sep 17, 2020
5:00pm–8:00pm PDT

Begin your lettering journey with letterer, designer, and art director, Ying Chang.

The Lettering Fundamentals workshop, hosted Tuesday and Thursday evenings from September 8 – September 17, begins with an introduction to lettering basics and techniques, and then dives deeper into each foundational element.

Each participant will follow along with demos and exercises that are designed to help everyone gain an understanding of how to create endless possibilities by manipulating one factor at a time.

Each exercise will allow participants who are new to lettering to develop an understanding of the foundational skills to start their lettering journey, and experienced participants will learn how to push their boundaries in order to expand their lettering style.

This workshop will focus on drawing sans-serif and modern letters, and wrap up with a presentation on how to use these same principles to approach other styles, including script and blackletter lettering.

Required Materials
  • Pencils (conventional or mechanical)
  • Erasers
  • Ruler
  • Pad of layout bond or tracking paper (at least 9″×12″ is recommended)
About Ying Chang
Ying Chang

Ying Chang is a letterer, designer, and art director based in NYC. Growing up in Taiwan, she was deeply influenced by her mother, a calligrapher, and father, a painter. Ying followed in her parents' footsteps and attended the National Taiwan University of Arts. After gaining her bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication Design, Ying bought a one-way-ticket to New York to further her study at the Pratt Institute and finished with a master’s degree in Communication Design. She was immediately hooked upon taking her first calligraphy class and when was encouraged to study at the Type@Cooper Extended Program her true passion for lettering came into focus. Since then she has been creating logotypes and lettering works for a variety of brands and publications while continuing to contribute her design skill to the world of advertising where she has produced award-winning campaigns.

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