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Online Workshop

Micro Typography

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  • Led By Tipastype, Dafne Martínez, Sandra García
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Spend four evenings building confidence in typographic details at the paragraph level to make text readable and engaging.

This workshop will introduce methods for improving the appearance of text to give users the best possible reading experience. We will show you how to analyze typography in detail and how to judge whitespace and micro typographic details.

You will also learn the importance of body text and leading, the width of the box, and the relationships between them and type selection. We will get into the basic rules for correctly spacing characters, how to modify tracking and kerning, and how to justify texts.

Finally, we will discover the most common problems and errors during text composition and how to solve them without spoiling the formation of the paragraph.

It’s a hands-on workshop, full of practical exercises to put your fonts to the test!

Classes will be held 5:00pm–8:00pm on Wednesday, July 21, Thursday, July 22, Wednesday, July 28, and Thursday, August 11.

Learning Outcomes
  • How to calculate the width of a text box
  • Basic rules for correctly spacing characters
  • How to modify tracking and kerning
  • How to modify leading
  • How to align texts for maximum readability
Required Materials
  • a laser printer
  • InDesign or Illustrator installed on your computer
  • white paper
  • scissors and glue
  • some pens and color pencils

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