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Modern Gothic Need Not Be an Oxymoron

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  • Lead By John Stevens
  • Where Letterform Archive

Learning to write Black-letter (Textura, Gothic, Fraktur, Old English) properly is a pathway into many aspects of calligraphy. At first, the pretty forms and strong pen strokes are a key attraction. However, after a while, rhythm and form begin to interact, and you can explore movement. Subtle variations on the steady vertical rhythm can help us grow as calligraphers. While writing black-letter is hypnotic and puts us into a meditative state, we can focus on good pen contact, and the nuances of slight pen turning. Topics covered include rhythm, pen techniques (with and without manipulation), using as a text hand as well as embellishing the decorative aspects. We will explore both history and contemporary approach in the form of a project.
I believe practicing Gothic, or Black-letter or Fraktur is necessary to truly understand the nuances of broad-edged pen calligraphy, as it is a lesson in the symmetrical distribution of black and white.