Letterform Archive – Online Core: Variable Brand Voice


Online Core: Variable Brand Voice

Online Core: Variable Brand Voice
with Rodrigo Saiani

Type West Certificate Program
Online Workshop at Letterform Archive
Thu, Oct 6, – Thu, Oct 27, 2022
2:00pm–5:00pm PT

Think creatively and use font variability beyond the expected axis during this practical workshop spanning four Thursdays (October 6 through 27).

Deriving from Plau’s experience building variable brand voices for clients around the world, we will share our process and help you expand your vision of what’s possible. We believe we can solve humanity’s biggest mysteries with fonts. If that fails… hey, at least we can use this new found tool in our next design project.

Learning Outcomes
  • How to think creatively with variable fonts
  • How to make apparently impossible letters shapes to morph just right
  • Where and when to solve design problems with variable fonts (spoiler: Everywhere and every time!
  • How to convince the clients that it is a path worth taking
  • How to talk to clients about it
Required Materials
  • Sketchbook and basic drawing materials to jot down the process and ideas.

Note: This workshop is only open to students enrolled in the 2022 Type West Online Postgraduate Certificate Program in Type Design.

About Rodrigo Saiani

Rodrigo Saiani is trying to make type as popular in the world as music – starting with Brazil. He gets closer everyday by making typefaces for people and the brands they love; teaching about type at Miami Ad School; creating workshops and talking about type with pretty much anyone. He's won many awards for his efforts: Golden Lion, Cannes, Type Director’s Club, Tipos Latinos, Brand New Awards, ADG Brazil - Brazilian Design Biennial Best of Show (Guanabara Sans, Primot, Tenez).

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