Psychedelic Lettering

Psychedelic Lettering
with James Edmondson, Victor Moscoso

Offered by Type@Cooper West
Workshop at Letterform Archive
Sat–Sun, Jul 22–23, 2017
10:00am–5:00pm PT

We’ll explore what makes this genre of interesting, beautiful, and an important part of the history of graphic design. The famous Fillmore poster designers of the past (Wes Wilson, Victor Moscoco, Rick Griffin, and others) left their mark on the world, creating elaborate designs that could make you feel stoned even if you weren't (but you probably were). By gaining an understanding of the driving forces behind their decisions, we can couple their ideas and techniques with principles of lettering, and apply it to a modern landscape. Rather than simply aping work of the past, we'll be focussed on a recipe that is personal, adaptable, and unmistakably contemporary.

On Sunday afternoon, Victor Moscoso will join the class giving critiques, pointers and stories. Psychedelic posters and their sources of inspiration will be pulled from Letterform Archive's collection for view.

Required Materials:

  • pens (microns, sharpies, broad nibs, brush pens–bring whatever you have)
  • pencils
  • erasers
  • white out
  • marker or tracing paper (preferably marker paper)
  • Optional: a laptop with Adobe Illustrator or a font editor
  • Optional: some markers in psychedelic colors (complementary colors)

A workshop offered by Type@Cooper West, a collaboration between Letterform Archive and The Cooper Union Continuing Education Department, and held in the Monotype Classroom at Letterform Archive.

About James Edmondson
James Edmondson

James is an type designer based in Oakland, California. He studied graphic design at California College of the Arts, and graduated from the Royal Academy of Art TypeMedia program in the Netherlands.

Through his foundry OH no Type Co., he creates custom and retail typefaces. In 2018, James co-founded Future Fonts, a platform for distributing fonts in-progress. James leads the type design classes in the Type West Certificate Program and occasional workshops through Type@Cooper.

About Victor Moscoso
Victor Moscoso

Victor Moscoso is one of the premier artists of the psychedelic era. Raised in Brooklyn, he attended both Cooper Union and Yale (where he studied with Joseph Albers) before moving to San Francisco in the late 1950s. There he became a primary architect of the burgeoning underground hothouse that would produce brilliant posters, comic books, and album covers. Moscoso’s facility with color relationships and his remarkable ability to seamlessly blend images and lettering into a single entity was used to create a series of groundbreaking concert posters that propelled him to international fame. His posters feature dizzying hand lettering that push the very limits of negative space, and fierce battles between foreground and background. Along with Robert Crumb he was a founding member of the groundbreaking underground comic Zap Comix. Moscoso also designed numerous album covers for Jerry Garcia, Herbie Hancock, and others.

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