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Typographic Systems: Analog to Algorithm

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  • Led By Jon Sueda, chris hamamoto
  • Where Letterform Archive

Typographic systems are integral to graphic design. In this weekend workshop we’ll learn how to unlock those dynamic structures by working with type procedurally – using constraints as a productive approach for creating sophisticated typography.

We will develop several methods to use type systematically on a macro and micro level, including pairing typefaces and exploring the logic of typographic grids.

Drawing from the Archive’s vast collection of compelling examples as inspiration, we’ll complete a series of short projects and exercises, aided by lectures, discussions, and demonstrations along the way. Through the process you will gain a methodical perspective on type.

This workshop is for those with some design experience, and it is appropriate for those who are aiming to improve existing typography skills.

We will be working in Adobe InDesign, so a recent version (CC) of the application is required.

Required Materials
  • Adobe InDesign

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