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What’s New in the Online Archive, Nov. 2019

The Online Archive continues to grow. The latest additions include hand-painted advertising comps and type specimens old and new. Become a member to get access now, while the site is in beta.

Mila Kavalla, gouache maquettes for Pez, Steiner Seide, and the 24th Venice Biennale, 1948–50.

Mila Kavalla’s Gouache Maquettes

Ludmila Hellmann-Kavalla (AKA Mila Kavalla) was an Austrian illustrator and graphic designer. Her work has not been written about extensively, nor has it received adequate attention. This update to the Online Archive includes 23 items of Kavalla’s original artwork for advertising in the fashion and travel industries. Her vibrant gouache maquettes feature characterful illustrations and lettering. Our high-fidelity photography captures fine details of these pieces, letting you zoom in and see Kavalla’s brushstrokes.

Members: Launch the Online Archive and search “kavalla”.

Genzsch & Heyse Type Specimens

Specimens for Basalt (1926), Ege (1923), and Fox (1953), Genzsch & Heyse, Hamburg.

Our digitized type specimen collection expands with new additions from Genzsch & Heyse, a firm established in Hamburg the early 19th century. The Online Archive’s collection of foundry ephemera now represents five countries and this is the first collection from Germany. The batch includes 32 specimens from Genzsch & Heyse such as Basalt, by Eduard Ege; Fox, a lively brush script by Werner Rebhuhn; and a catalog for the Ege family which combines type and accompanying border elements, patterns, and ornaments.

Members: Launch the Online Archive and search “genzsch”.


Specimens from Type West and Type@Cooper West

Type@Cooper West and Type West specimens, 2017–2019.

We have now graduated three classes from our year-long programs in type design. The Online Archive now features fresh, new type by graduates from Type@Cooper West, our partnership with Cooper Union in New York, and from the inaugural class of Type West, the Archive’s own education program. Page through metal type revival projects as well as original designs. The student work has varying influences, from pointed and broad nib pens to supermarket lettering and clay.

Members: Launch the Online Archive and search “type* west”.

Along with these updates, we’re also regularly fixing bugs and improving the experience. This is due in great part to input from members, so thank you! Please keep exploring the site and click the ? button on any page to ask questions or send us feedback.

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