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Unexpected Baskerville: The Story of LoveFrom Serif

with Antonio Cavedoni, Chris Wilson

When Jony Ive left Apple to establish the firm LoveFrom, creating a brand font was at the top of his list. Meet the typeface’s designers.

  • Date
  • Time
  • What Letterform Lecture
  • Where San Francisco Main Public Library (100 Larkin Street), Koret Auditorium

LoveFrom, founded by Sir Jony Ive, Marc Newson, and Peter Saville, is a collective of creatives who explore the intersection of design, art, and technology. As their first project, they created the “LoveFrom“ typeface, drawing inspiration from the iconic letterforms of John Baskerville. This talk delves into the process of creating a new interpretation of Baskerville‘s letters, exploring surviving punches, printed books, and contemporary writing master‘s manuals.

Join us for this Letterform Lecture to take an in-depth look at the design process and historical significance of LoveFrom Serif.

Letterform Lectures are a public aspect of the Type West postgraduate program. The series is co-presented by the San Francisco Public Library, where events are free and open to all.


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Antonio Cavedoni

Antonio Cavedoni is a designer from Italy. After seven years at Apple in California, where he led the design of the San Francisco family of typefaces, he now lives and works in Milano, Italy. Antonio is part of the LoveFrom collective based in San Francisco, California, and in London. He also runs Fonderia Cavedoni, a type foundry designing and publishing original retail typefaces. Antonio is an active researcher on the history of typography, lettering and writing.

Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson is a designer at LoveFrom, formerly with the Apple design team.

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