Letterform Archive – Salon Series 26: Breaking the Swiss Grid


Salon Series 26: Breaking the Swiss Grid

Salon Series 26: Breaking the Swiss Grid
with Stephen Coles

Co-presented by Poster House
Online Lecture at Letterform Archive
Tue, Feb 2, 2021
1:00pm–2:30pm PT

Letterform Archive is excited to partner with Poster House for a session of deconstructing the typographic grid. What happens when designers break the rules of what typically constitutes good design? This wide-ranging presentation will explore grid-breaking examples from our collection, including Emigre magazine, the letter- and mind-bending posters of psychedelia, and irregularly-shaped typesetting, old and new.

This event is a collaborative effort between Letterform Archive and Poster House in conjunction with their Swiss Grid exhibition. We have loved working together and hope to again in the near future. Our efforts were shared, and your donations will be also. All contributions from this event will be split evenly between Letterform and Poster House. By signing up for this program, you agree to be added to Poster House’s mailing list.

About the Salon Series

The Archive Salon Series is a monthly event featuring a member of the staff — or a guest expert — taking a deeper dive into specific collections or themes within the Archive. Salon recordings are generally exclusive to Letterform Archive members, but we’re offering the video of this special Poster House co-presentation to all.

About Stephen Coles
Stephen Coles portrait

Stephen “Stewf” Coles (he/him), Letterform Archive’s Associate Curator & Editorial Director, joined the staff after serving on our Board of Directors since its inception. Born in Salt Lake City, he moved to San Francisco in 2004 to serve as FontShop’s creative director. He later worked as an independent consultant, connecting font makers with font users, and wrote the book The Anatomy of Type. With his background in design and journalism, combined with an obsession for type history, Stephen is responsible for the online face and voice of the Archive, and helps to shape the future of the collection. He continues to publish the influential websites Typographica and Fonts In Use.

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