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Online Workshop

Certificate Core: Experimental Typeface Design

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  • Led By Juan Villanueva
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In this workshop, over four Thursday evenings, we’ll use analog tools and learn techniques for sketching, iterating, and prototyping letterforms that are not only unique but can be the beginnings of new and exciting typefaces. This class will place an emphasis on discovery and play with both tools and processes for making letters. In addition, we’ll also cover some of the theories behind letterforms to demystify the creative process. Throughout the four weeks, you’ll develop your eye to judge consistency in contrast, color, spacing, and rhythm, which are essential principles for making any typeface.

So gather your tools, and let’s make memorable ink moments and happy accidents as we explore the possibilities around us to make new forms.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Explore the infinite analog possibilities for generating new forms
  • Discover your own process and develop your workflow
  • Understand foundations in calligraphy, lettering, and typographic variables
  • Develop your eye to judge consistency in contrast, color, spacing, and rhythm
  • Required Materials
    • A computer (laptop or desktop)
    • Reliable Internet connection
    • A free Zoom account
    • A free Slack account (an invitation to a class group will be sent to each participant)
    • A photo camera (any kind) and Adobe Photoshop (or similar photo editing software) for putting images together
    • Grid paper and blank paper for sketching
    • Any kind of sketchbook, analog or digital, to take notes and jot down ideas
    • Canson Pro-Layout Marker Paper Pad, 14" × 17" 50-Sheet Pad
    • Bee Paper White Sketch and Trace Roll, 12-Inch by 20-Yards or similar kind of tracing paper roll or pad
    • Thick stock paper larger than 11x17 (e.g. Bristol or Watercolor paper)
    • Speedball Calligraphy Pen with C1 nibs and/or Pilot Parallel Pen, 6.0 mm + refills (black ink)
    • Pentel Arts Water-Based Color Brush Pens (black ink)
    • Non-waterproof ink (black, walnut, or another dark color)
    • Shallow dish or bowl for ink
    • Pencil and sharpener or Mechanical pencil with refills
    • Eraser, white-out, scissors, and tape (artist tape or removable tape recommended)
    • Note: This workshop is only open to students enrolled in the Type West Certificate Program in Type Design.

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