Salon Series 22: Counterculture Periodicals

Salon Series 22: Counterculture Periodicals
with Hank Smith

Online Lecture
Thu, Jun 25, 2020
12:00pm–1:00pm PT

Hank Smith’s recent Letterform Archive blog post introduced our collection of counterculture and hippie newspapers from the 1960s and ’70s, a selection of which have been fully digitized and uploaded to the Online Archive. In this presentation, he will take a deeper dive into the individual newspapers and issues, exploring their psychedelic design and far-out articles, discussing how they were made, and digging up hidden gems from their pages. He may even give a live demo from his personal collection of Letraset sheets and IBM Selectric font elements.

About the Salon Series

The Archive Salon Series is a monthly event featuring a member of the staff — or a guest expert — taking a deeper dive into specific collections or themes within the Archive. Salons feature a live overhead camera so our audience can experience the objects as they would in person. It’s a unique chance to discuss the work we love while showing the objects themselves. Salon video recordings are available to Letterform Archive members.

About Hank Smith

Hank Smith, Letterform Archive’s Collections Assistant, found his passion for book arts while studying at Reed College (BA in English) and working with fellow writers, collectors, and literary archivists, including David Abel of Passages Bookshop. As a writer of poetry and a bookmaker himself, Hank’s love of language is simultaneously bound in meaning and aesthetics. That’s evident not only in his care for the material at the Archive, but also his own poetry. When not spending time with the written word he’s projecting it from the stage at a reading.

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