Salon Series 20: Arthur Baker

Salon Series 20: Arthur Baker
with Carl Crossgrove

Salon at Letterform Archive
Thu, Sep 26, 2019
6:30pm–7:30pm PT

Arthur Baker was a prolific calligrapher, type designer, and author of over 20 books on the letter arts. He is widely known for his atypical pen-turning method and energetic letterforms. After he passed away in September 2017, Baker’s family donated a major collection of his work to Letterform Archive. The archive includes type design process, paintings, sketches, teaching material, and hundreds of original calligraphic alphabets written on poster-sized sheets. Type designer and calligraphy enthusiast Carl Crossgrove will present his perspective on Baker’s work, including some unusual discoveries, using objects from the Archive’s collection.

Arthur Baker, original typeface drawings, titled “Signac”, ca. 1970.
Arthur Baker, original typeface drawings, titled “Signac”, ca. 1970.
Arthur Baker, original typeface drawings, titled “Signac”, ca. 1970.


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About Carl Crossgrove

Carl Crossgrove has been fascinated with letterforms since learning to read as a tot. He experimented with alphabet systems, biological illustration and calligraphy as a child. He studied fine art, printmaking, and book arts, eventually focusing on typeface design at Rochester Institute of Technology. He fulfilled internships at Adobe's type design group in the 1990s, and has been designing typefaces for Monotype since 2001. Carl's background in calligraphy and drawing infuses his typefaces with humanism. His typefaces include Mundo Sans, Segoe Script, Burlingame, Cavolini, and the award-winning Beorcana and Biome.

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