Letterform Archive – Salon Series 33: Adobe Hidden Treasures Revisited


Salon Series 33: Adobe Hidden Treasures Revisited

Salon Series 33: Adobe Hidden Treasures Revisited
with Céline Hurka, Hidetaka Yamasaki

Co-presented by Adobe
Thu, Jul 21, 2022
12:00pm–1:30pm PT

In 2018, Céline Hurka and Hidetaka Yamasaki worked on interpreting historical Bauhaus alphabets as digital fonts, in the context of the “Adobe Hidden Treasures” project. Céline worked on a design called Alfarn, which is based on a hand-lettered poster by Alfred Arndt from 1923. Hide digitized a design based on a lettering sketch by Carl Marx.

After a few years, Hide and Céline took the chance to revisit these projects, and added new features and styles to these digital interpretations. In this Salon, Céline and Hide will guide us through the discoveries they made while working with original alphabets, the routes they took to ensure authenticity, and what they learned along the way.

About Céline Hurka

Céline Hurka is a graphic designer and typeface designer living in The Hague, The Netherlands. She holds a master’s degree from the TypeMedia MA program at the Royal Academy of The Hague.

About Hidetaka Yamasaki

Hidetaka Yamasaki is a typeface designer and consultant living in Hamburg, Germany. He earned a master’s degree in typeface design from the MATD at the University of Reading, UK.

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