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Salon Series 44: From the Source: A Conversation with Chino BYI

with David Villorente (Chino BYI), Kel Troughton

Join us for an afternoon with Chino BYI / David Villorente, long-time editor of The Source Magazine’s “Graf Flix” column.

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  • Where Online via Zoom

Join us for an afternoon with Chino BYI / David Villorente, graffiti writer, historian, author, and former long-time editor of hip hop and culture magazine The Source’s “Graf Flix” column. In conversation with Letterform Archive’s Curatorial Consultant, Kel Troughton, Villorente will share about his experience at The Source during a seminal time for hip hop and graffiti and his take on the relationship between the two. Attendees will also hear his insights on the influence of the ‘90s graffiti community on today’s creative industries from fashion to film.

Villorente and Troughton are two of the co-curators of Subscription to Mischief: Magazines of the 1990s, Letterform Archive’s current exhibition in collaboration with Greg Lamarche / Sp.One on view until January 7th.

David Villorente (Chino BYI)

David Villorente (Chino BYI) is one of the foremost practitioners and ambassadors of graffiti culture in the world. His reign as the eleven-year editor of the “Graf Flix” feature in The Source magazine helped cement his position as an important arbiter within the global graffiti community. Villorente has co-authored numerous books on graffiti culture including; Mascots & Mugs (Testify Books, 2007), Piecebook, Piecebook Reloaded, World Piecebook (Prestel, 2008–2011) and The ABC’s of Style (Testify Books, 2018). Villorente was also the co-curator of the critically acclaimed 2013 exhibit Write of Passage at the Redbull Studios New York, and co-curated the groundbreaking Beyond the Streets exhibition.

Kel Troughton

Kel Troughton is a type designer, lettering artist, graffiti writer, and educator. He works with Letterform Archive and Kate Long Stellar to collect graffiti magazines, drawings, and books. He started writing graffiti in 2000 and has continued to add interests that are letter related ever since. His company Overlap Type focuses on type design that utilizes ideas from his graffiti experience. In short, Kel is a letter person.

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