Announcing a Groundbreaking Monograph on William Addison Dwiggins, written by Bruce Kennett

Launching imminently on Kickstarter!

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About the Book

  • First ever illustrated biography of Dwiggins’s life and work
  • 480 pages
  • Foreword by Steven Heller
  • Set in a custom cut of Dwiggins’ Electra type by Jim Parkinson
  • 1200 high-res illustrations, all shot under raking light for pop-off-the-page realism
  • 99 full-page illustrations, many of the objects reproduced at actual size
  • 18 pages of Dwiggins’s own writings (fiction, commentary, essays) set in hot metal on a Linotype in Dwiggins’s own typefaces
  • Also available in a limited, deluxe edition with leather spine and letterpress portfolio
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Thoroughly researched, well written, and beautifully made, this book will be a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in Dwiggins and in American design.  

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